2021 Schedule:

9:00 am
Ridding the Hague of PollutionCaring For Our Watersheds Presentation by The Hague School
9:25 am
Welcome and KeynotesKeynote Presentation: Ela Gokcigdem and Natalia Uro De León
9:30 am
Turbidity TerminatorsCaring For Our Watersheds Presentation by Bel Air Middle School
10:00 am
Eco-Partner Session: Energy Action FairfaxThermal Camera Loan Program Demonstration
10:00 am
Our Power Sessions 1 & 2
Closed Event
10:00 am
Plastic Reduction at Our SchoolCaring For Our Watersheds Presentation by Rachel Carson Middle School
10:30 am
Restoring the Serene RavineCaring For Our Watersheds Presentation by Broadneck High School
10:40 am
Eco-Partner Session: Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District & Fairfax County StormwaterJoin NVSWCD and Fairfax Stormwater Ecologists to learn about stream health and how ecologists determine stream scores using macroinvertebrates. See a live demonstration and practice your identification skills!
11:00 am
Our Power Session 3
Closed Event
11:00 am
WiHi Rain GardenCaring For Our Watersheds Presentation by Wicomico High School
11:20 am
Eco-Partner Session: Audubon Naturalist SocietyBrood X is coming! In May 2021, millions of cicadas (Magicidada spp.) will dig out from the soil where they have been growing for the past 17 years and greet the resident humans in the DC metro area. In this presentation, you will learn about the natural history of these amazing insects and learn how to be a friend to cicadas.
12:00 pm
Eco-Partner Session: Alexandria Stormwater
12:00 pm
No-Mow ZoneCaring For Our Watersheds Presentation by Reservoir High School
12:30 pm
FCFT Dynamic Visionary Award
12:40 pm
Eco-Partner Session: Fairfax WastewaterHow Healthy are your Pipes? Combining engineering and technology by showing students how workers use a Closed Captioned Television (CCTV) robot through the sewer pipes to see the condition – or health – of the system. Keeping it working smoothly.
1:00 pm
Proposal + IWonder Writing Workshop
Closed Event
1:00 pm
Adopt-a-DrainCaring For Our Watersheds Presentation by YEAS
1:20 pm
Eco-Partner Session: Virginia Tech CLGS & VT Stem Ed Labs
1:30 pm
RCMS Garden ProjectCaring For Our Watersheds Presentation by Rachel Carson Middle School
2:00 pm
Eco-Partner Session: Leidos The session is a demonstration of the DoD Regionalized Sea Level Change & Extreme Water Level Scenarios tool.  The tool provides a range of site-specific scenarios of future sea level change for three time horizons in the 21st century.    Department of Defense (DoD) sites worldwide are potentially exposed to impacts from sea level change and extreme water levels. Given the uncertainties in future sea level change magnitude and timing, scenarios can assist in bounding and managing risks.  This is not a Leidos tool but Leidos provided technical support to the DoD for the scenario guide and tools.
2:00 pm
Our Watershed- Compost Based Action PlanCaring For Our Watersheds Presentation by Reservoir High School
2:30 pm
The Future for Green Energy in Public PlacesCaring For Our Watersheds Presentation by Rachel Carson Middle School
2:40 pm
Eco-Partner Session: Keep Prince William Beautiful
3:00 pm
Our Power Session 4
Closed Event
3:20 pm
Eco-Partner Session: EVADCThe future of EV busses in our area. Specifically local bills in Maryland about EV bus implementation in Montgomery county.
3:50 pm
Eco-Partner Session: VAYCCAn overview of VAYCC and its past actions, current initiatives, and future objectives, along with a short Policy 101 video lesson on how a bill becomes a law in the Virginia General Assembly. 
4:30 pm
Caring For Our Watersheds Awards Ceremony